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This is your one stop shop for the latest thought provoking, informative commentary on exercise, and the fitness industry. We make jargon simple, expose nonsense, and promote good practice by exercise professionals.

Exercise & Nutrition

If it seems like exercise and nutrition trends are moving faster than you can keep up with them, that’s ok. They’re not for everyone. But here we not only discuss these trends, we focus on providing sound, evidence-based advice. What works, and what doesn’t work? And why not? We don’t have a product to sell, or a vested interest in a particular style of exercise, or a certain diet. We just want to learn more, and bring you along for the ride.

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Fitness Industry

There’s no shortage on self proclaimed “experts” selling their products and services online. But what do they really know? And what are they qualified to say and do? When should they refer to someone else? They may not tell you, but we will. We discuss changes to the fitness industry, and the latest research on what personal trainers and other fitness professionals know, and don’t know.

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Critical Thinking

If it sounds strange to combine critical thinking with the two points above, that’s because it’s not done enough. Where should your information come from? How should you interpret it? Who should you ask for help understanding a complex topic? These are all questions that we need to ask in other areas of our lives, so why not fitness? Based on up to date research, we give you the skills to find, analyse, and interpret fitness information for yourself. This is a skill both professionals, and the interested amateur, can benefit from.

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